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Story Time

November 27, 2009

“Oh shit…” David whispered under his breath.

“What is it?” Hery asked.

“The only place we can head to is the Museum, otherwise she’ll find us and get Kate.”

My heart skipped a beat, and my hands became cold and wet.

“Well then lets get a move on, I’ll go first.” Hery peeked outside his home, which was all the way on the other side of Town from the Museum. The night sky made it hard to see as it was cloudy, and there were no stars to guide us. “I don’t see her, so lets hurry.” He stepped slowly out and jogged to the near house and hid behind it.

“Ok, go.” I went first as David led behind, I ran up to Hery and hid as well.

“I think we’re just going to have to run to the Museum, because this’ll take way to long.”

“But David if she sees us its all over…” Hery answered.

“I say we run for it.” David stated.

“Alright, but if we get caught-“

“We won’t.”

Hery broke out in a full on run as I ran behind him, trying to keep up. My eyes darted around the trees around us as we jumped over and ran around the flowers planted beside the path’s leading to every building. Frost was a beautiful place, so this is why we wondered; how in the world did the beast get here? I saw the roof of the Museum and picked up my running speed, so I was running next to Hery now.

Hery skidded to a stop, making me fall; cutting my knees a bit.

“What is it now Hery?” David asked as he ran up to us.

“What if she’s in there…”

David pushed Hery aside and ran in, Hery and I hesitantly followed him. The main floor was decorated with stain glass windows all around, a large grandfather clock lay in the back of the room as Blathers stood in the middle of the room, greeting us warmly and kindly. It was clear he had no idea what was going on. I tried to smile at him as we ran into the observatory.

I hid near the microscope while the two guys planned what to do next, and all I heard was the word ‘Gate’. So I figured we were going to go to the cops. Then David asked:

“But what about the bus? We can go to the city or something right?”

“No… she cut the system and wrote on the sign, Next bus, RAPEVILLE.”

I shuddered.

We all looked at the door when we heard a loud “HOO! HOO!” She got Blathers.

“Oh crap, well let’s try the Gate as we planned before.” Hery said, running out of ideas.

“Ok, Kate we’re going to the Gate to see if the cops can help us in anyway.”

“Alright, do I need any kind of tool, like an axe?”

“Just keep it handy.” Hery said as he went first out the door. We ran out of the Museum, but as we did so, I could have sworn I saw a large brown figure in the doorway of the Fish room.

We ran to the Gate, I felt a tad bit better when I saw the bright glow of the light inside.

And then it happened.

The beast came out of the gate. This beast looks like some kind of bear, and she wore a half black half white mask, hiding her face. I screamed and ran from the beast, almost falling backwards. David followed me to make sure I was safe as Hery tried to trap her. When we were on the other side of the river, I stopped to watch Hery. He was running from her now, but she herded him into a house without lights.

“HERY!” I screamed, trying to distract the bear. She didn’t flinch, or even move a muscle when I said anything.

“Kate this way, Hery will be ok.” He reassured me.

“…ok.” I continued to look at the house he was now in.

We didn’t run very far when we saw Hery running towards us. “Hery you’re ok!” I smiled.

“No time, we have to run to the kings room and fast, she got some of her acid blood on my arm and we need shelter.” He took out his axe, and I did the same. I ran behind Hery while David kept watch behind all of us. We stopped at the front door and my heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Alright guys, this is it, if she finds us the only thing we can do is either kill her or be killed.” I was lead into the house first and down to the basement. It had nice furniture, and a small cooler of food and drink for about two days. They stood in the middle of the room as I sat on the large bed waiting for something to happen.

The boys had their backs to the staircase, so they couldn’t see the monster come into the room, her legs and hands bloody.

“David! Hery! She’s here!” I screamed at them, they both stood up, picking up their axes and trying to attack her.

“Kate when you see an opening, run for your fucking life, don’t worry about us” David told me as he swung at the beast.

“Got it.”

The beast was now coming in my direction, which left the staircase open, I ran next to the beast, which felt like everything slowed down, I could see her eyes shift to mine was I ran past, her arm shot out and pulled out a few hairs from the back of my head. I hit into the wall and ran up the stairs and out the front door.

I ran all around Frost, leaving my sent in many different places. I finally got to the Gate as I saw a figure rising up from the corner of my eye; I ran at it with the axe and stopped an inch away from Hery’s chest.

“Hery! I’m so sorry, I thought you were the bear.”

“Kate we need to disguise ourselves. He was already in a black ski mask and a black jumpsuit. He gave me a pair of the same as I threw it over my clothes.

“Ok, we need to get back to the house-“ As soon as he said house, we heard a blood-curdling scream. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” Hery chanted.

“What? What is it?!”

“She had a bomb in her hands when you left, she must have set it off, we need to get to David NOW!” Hery ran full speed to the house. He had told me I had to stay safe and at the gate.

I stayed at the gate when I saw David running to me now, “David what’s going on now?”

“Hery distracted her and I got out, but we need to go back and get Hery.”

“I’ll go with you”

We ran as fast as we could to the house, and I had the idea that if I called out to the bear it would come and try to get me. So I screamed and yelled at the house, but hidden behind a tree.

“I’ll have to go in.” David ran into the house, and the minute the door closed I heard three different things.

One; a large growl, the bear.

Two; two people screaming in pain.

And Three; a large ‘boom’sound that hurt my ears, then I saw the explosion coming from the bottom of the house to engulf the rest of it. I ran into the water to keep from the fire I held axe high and waited for the beast. I waited for the whole house to finish burning and then sat on the beach. I didn’t cry, and I didn’t say it was my fault, because I know it wasn’t. We all did everything we could to kill the bear, and we did.


Not my best work ever, but oh well.

Gina, David, Hery and Kate.

Animal Crossing: City Folk.

November 26, 2009.



Time for an update

November 19, 2009

I haven’t updated in a real long time, and I’d like to say it’s all schools fault, and homework. This weekend I’ll wi-fi, and then next week I’m off starting Tuesday afternoon. Then soon after we get Christmas break :).

I’ll leave you with some nice pictures <3.

Blue skys and blue water

Swimming in the river

End of the World?

The waterfall loves you

She didn't halp me 😦

Gina’s Never Ending Suffering.

November 11, 2009

EDIT: Hery got a video of this!

Hey everyone :).

Alright, well a few weeks ago I wi-fied with David, Gina and Hery. Now I’m not sure if David was aware of this happening, but anyways, we did the lighthouse glitch because you know, it’s pretty amusing.  I was sent up first, but alas I fell on the other side of the lighthouse, and got stuck.



So then we got Gina up, and she got David up from there. After a few seconds, David fell down as well. Hery was on brb, so we just went along without him. We saved, just to see what happened.


Gina stayed on the lighthouse… for a long time. She told us over Wii Speak that on her screen she saw herself die over and over again. Hery then came back and tried to get David and me loose. So we both ran towards the little opening and I slipped through, as David didn’t. ;D. But he got out a minute later.

Me and David with Gina floating

Ohai Gina

We got unstuck

...Up and down?

So there was Gina, passed out on the lighthouse. Now, since we were at David’s town, it was hacked, because we’re all hackers. So he out the bulletin board right next to the gate, so Gina fell onto the bulletin board. We ran over there to see if we could see her fall, and we couldn’t. So David ran into the gate (on purpose or by mistake, I’m not sure) and he said that he saw her on the board now, just lying there. But right when you came out of the gate, you could see her fall.


Gina resting on the bulletin board


Floating Hat


Gina wake up D:<


Flying over the moon~

Gina we love you xD.

Lens Cleaner!

November 3, 2009

Lens Cleaner!!!!

I got home from school and there. it. was. I screamed when I saw this little white box. I haven’t been able to play wii for over 2 weeks because of this stupid problem. And it almost took 2 weeks for the product to come in! I’m going to clean it tomorrow after school so I should be wi-fiing again in no time.

I just hope no one moved D:

Custom Villager!

October 30, 2009

: D

Here’s the thing, her little island (that you can only see a part of) was COVERED with white flowers. But seeing as my disc len’s is dirty, I ran to to her house, got a few pictures and had to shut it off so I wouldn’t have to reset.

Mon petite moutons

Mon petite moutons


: D

I have FINALLY got my Custom to work! (My hacking files wouldn’t work the the longest time) Hope you like her.

Don’t steal ;D.

Why hai thar.

October 30, 2009
My House

My house in Autumn : )

So I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since the GameCube days, and I got Wild World two Christmas’s ago, and got City Folk this past Christmas, so I’m well versed with Animal Crossing.

Now I’m a hacker, but I don’t hack crazy things. I do my trees, flowers, villagers and grass. Nothing big. (or at least I don’t think they’re big.)

At the moment, I haven’t played Animal Crossing in about 2 weeks, because my len’s (or the disc reader) has become dirty, and sounds crusty when I try to play a game. I ordered the cleaner last weekend, so I should be getting it within the weekend. I have a lot of spaces open in my friend list, and I love to wi-fi ( :.